Responsible Technologies to
Inform & Empower Students

We provide IoT
data sensors.

Educators can implement
our Internet of Things
sensor platform in their
classes to study live data
of a specified location.
IoT environmental data sensors hung on wooden fence
Our mission

We’re creating an open source Internet of Things sensor platform that monitors habitats for students to assist their communities in making educated civic decisions.


David is the founder of Cool Sensors who teaches students how to utilize technology to make a positive impact on society.

Cool Sensors is an Internet of Things sensor platform that shows live weather data feeds whereby students learn to critically analyze and discern patterns.

They can also share this useful material globally to help our governments make better environmental decisions with proof to back them up.


Flexible Options

Buy a complete kit, choose your parts or DIY.

Saves Time

Our portable kits are made to be assembled quickly.


Cool Sensors can be installed off-grid with solar panels indoors or outdoors.

Weather Kit

This platform is our first model that uses the Particle Photon with Wi-Fi connectivity.

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