Individual Parts

Create your own Cool Sensors kit by customizing your order from the parts below.

Do you need help or not sure of what to get exactly? Contact us with all of your questions, and we’ll assist in choosing the best parts for an environmental data sensor platform fit for you.


Voltaic 9 Watt Solar Panel

Voltaic Solar Panel Bracket

Voltaic Extension w/ Leads

Solar Charger MCP73871

Li-Po Battery 856511

Weather Case w/ ASA Filament

1/4" Laser Cut Acrylic Cover

Particle Photon w/ Headers

Adafruit PowerBoost 1000 Charger

Adafruit Sensirion SHT31-D

Adafruit Sensirion SHT31-D

Temperature & Humidity Sensor Cover w/ Mount

Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor w/ Mount

Rain Drops Sensor w/ Mount

22/4 Conductor Alarm Cable

Tuparka Cable Glands PG7

Buna-N 70 O-Ring Cord

M3X?mm Male-Female Brass Spacer Standoff

Lictop Brass Thread Inserts


M3x12mm Countersunk Hex Screw

Hex Wrench 2mm

2 Pin 5 mm Pinch PCB Mount Screw Terminal Block

Antennas + Cables

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